Special Edition: Lucky Cheshire Cat

Special Edition: Lucky Cheshire Cat

from 25.00

Small cat: pre-order only


The "Maneki Neko" or "Beckoning Cat" is a popular Japanese icon said to bring good fortune and prosperity. We've given these special edition cats a Cheshire & Wain Wonderland inspired makeover transforming them into mischievous Cheshire Cats with hand-painted grins. 

Get your paws on one for yourself or a fellow cat lover! The purrfect gift to being luck and prosperity in 2017. 

"Curiouser and Curiouser!"

Small: 5 inches tall (£25) PRE ORDER! 5 DAY DELAY

Medium: 6 inches tall (£30)

Large: 8 inches tall (£40)

Extra Large: 14 inches tall (£100) SOLD OUT!

Made from moulded plastic. Large takes 2 AA batteries, Medium and Small take 1 AA battery. Batteries not included for international (non UK) orders. Collar not included.

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