British design for your feline

"The often-complex natures of our cats along with their endearing and individual personalities have always fascinated me. It quickly became apparent that a lot of careful and specialised thought needed to go into designing and making products that would be beautiful and well made, but more importantly, safe and appropriate for our feline friends."

Sonja Farrell (Founder)


Leather safety collars

In 2013 leather collars with breakaway buckles simply didn't exist, and so we had to design one from scratch! It took over six months, multiple iterations and material testing to finalise our leather safety collar design. Over the last six years we have refined our original design as a result of extensive customer (and kitty) feedback to create the products you see on the website today.

Luxury leather cat collars online

Meet Mr Peter Wells, or Percy for short

“He's the silver-spotted British Shorthair that inspired me to start Cheshire & Wain back in 2013. When I started shopping for the necessary cat product paraphernalia to welcome Percy into his new home, I found I was often disappointed by the quality and aesthetic of what was available. My main frustration was trying to find high quality, leather cat collars which are also safe for the cat to wear. All the leather collars that I came across had elastic instead of the vet recommended breakaway catch - I wanted to change that!"

“Percy is Cheshire & Wain's most important employee, if fact, he's probably more like the CEO (Cat Executive Officer) He remains my main inspiration when it comes to designing new products for the Cheshire & Wain range, anything new must be run past Percy for his approval!”

Products now and in the future

Cheshire & Wain specialise in quality cat collars that are safe - our unique collar design merges traditional aesthetics (solid metal bridle style buckles) with high quality breakaway hardware (slim and strong plastic quick-release clips) so that the collars are beautiful as well as functional. The range of collars, I.D. tags, charms, catnip toys and gifts for cat lovers currently available will grow to include new colour-ways and designs as new products are sourced, designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard.


*Cheshire & Wain is a Prince's Trust supported business*