Howlite Semi-Precious Shark's Tooth Charm

Howlite Semi-Precious Shark's Tooth Charm

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Howlite is also known as the calming stone and it is said to be good for bones and teeth, as well as help with anxiety and stress-related illness. This soothing stone will dispel negative energy and may help cats with a nervous disposition or health problems relating to their bones and teeth.

  • New crystal, diamond faceted shark’s tooth charm for kitties that are in touch with their spiritual side.

  • Finished with a dipped silver setting to create a contemporary adornment for your cat’s collar.

  • Howlite is sometimes called ‘white turquoise’ because of its veined appearance

  • Mix and match with the High Summer Collection or pair with a collar from our classic ranges

  • Bring positivity and protection to your cat wherever they may roam

  • Available as a charm for attaching to your cat’s Cheshire & Wain collar

  • Or with a silver chain for wearing as a necklace yourself

Cats & Crystal Healing

Cats are highly sensitive creatures that are in tune with their environment and surroundings. Sometimes they are faced with problems that are out of their control, such as a health issue, a run in with a neighbourhood rival or a change to their normal routine - like the arrival of a new human baby. These issues can leave them feeling stressed, anxious or generally out of sorts and in need of help, reassurance and protection from their human guardian. Semi-precious stones and crystals are known for their healing effects in humans and pets have also been known to respond well to their positive energies. There are four semi-precious charms to choose from (Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Amazonite) each offering different benefits for your cat

Disclaimer: Healing stones and crystals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a trusted vet. Ensure you give your cat the best possible care and protection in all that you do for them. Yellow collar pictured is sold separately

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