Cat Caravan - Kickstarter campaign from Make Them Roar

Those with indoor cats will know it’s not always easy to keep them entertained. You only have to look at the back of your sofa or favourite armchair for proof that when it comes to destroying your home, cats will do what they want, when they want and there's little you can do to stop it. 


Of course we make attempts to reason with our furry friends, explain in monetary terms how many freeze-dried liver treats and catnip you would have to trade in order to buy another sofa. But they’ll just flick their tail, pad slowly and purposefully to the already tattered armrest, extent their long front legs, look back at you with a blasé expression for effect and out come the needles again! The crafty little creatures know when they stop scratching the sofa they may well be rewarded with… well…freeze dried liver treats and catnip. Good Kitty.

Under our domestic cats’ fur beats the heart of a wild animal. As you’ll find it hard to negotiate with a mini tiger, the next best thing is to create an exciting home environment that will stimulate your cat’s true nature to stalk, pounce, hide and play. I'm not talking about another poor quality scratching post that will get destroyed in 3 sittings; leaving a tattered mess in your hallway. You need a Cat Caravan from Make Them Roar. This super-cool, flat-pack cardboard playhouse is simply purrfect for the raucous indoor cat and much prettier than those cardboard boxes they like so much! Designed and made from 100% recycled cardboard in the UK the cat caravan has two levels for play, multiple peepholes and comes with 2 pop-out toys! The sturdy design uses double wall board; allowing rowdy play of up to 3 cats, there is also talk of a removable scratch pad being introduced if (and hopefully when) it goes into main production. Your cat is going to love it! 

Make Them Roar are 2 weeks into their kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds (£6,500) to turn the Cat Caravan from a prototype into a real product you can buy for your kitty. Take a look at their campaign video below and  support this great little project if you can. Paws crossed that they make their goal!

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