Sara White and her pup, George

We’re pleased to announce that Cheshire & Wain’s range of collars has launched on StyleTails. Read the interview with Cheshire & Wain's Creative Director about the range and the inspiration behind it HERE

Founded in 2012 by Sara White, StyleTails is an online shop and magazine for design-conscious pet lovers. Sara is a writer, editor and big-time animal lover who lives in East London with her Yorkie pup, George and two house rabbits, Daisy and Mr Bounce. We caught up with Sara about StyleTails and how it all started. 


We understand StyleTails started off as an online magazine, what made you launch the shop?

That's right. The idea for the store really grew organically as the magazine evolved. We spent so much time unearthing all these amazing products for pets - from fashion and accessories to toys and homewares, and it became more and more evident that no one was really brining these all together in one place presenting them in a really sleek and edited way. It's so exciting to not only review and recommend our favourite products, but also to see our customers and their pets enjoying them too. 


How do people react when you tell them you set up a pet lifestyle site?

Mostly with a look of confusion and disbelief. No, not really - pet owners are really receptive of course, and once you explain the concept to people, it makes sense. We share so much of our lives and our space with our pets, it stands to reason that the things we buy for them and for our homes should be just as stylish and well-made as those we buy for ourselves. A pet bed is a pretty large addition to a room, so why not make it a feature rather than an eyesore! 


What’s the strangest pet product or trend that you’ve come across?

My pup George and I did a piece for Time Out magazine in August where he had to review London's best pooch pamper parlours. This one in Shoreditch specialised in 'creative grooming' which involves dying pets different colours, like pink and purple, using natural vegetable dyes. George had a go with the purple as well as a blue and purple feather extension to his ear. I happened to be wearing a purple dress that day so we drew some bemused looks on our way home. 


The pet product industry is booming but what sets StyleTails apart from other sites? 

What makes StyleTails really special is that we don't compromise on style and quality, and we approach the whole thing in an irreverent and light-hearted way - we are talking about pets after all, so it should bring a smile to people's faces to visit the site. In both our online magazine and store, we bring together a carefully curated selection of the very best in design and lifestyle for pets, all personally hand picked for our readers. From reviews of the most stylish pet-friendly hotels in the world, and the latest in canine street style, to our edit of this season's must have pieces for pets, we're the ultimate stylish man's best friend! 

Keep up to date with the latest pet trends at and take a look at the Cheshire & Wain collars in the store