Chloe Croft’s animal artworks are created from hundreds of pieces of parchment which she painstakingly had-cuts and assembles to striking effect. Her designs are available in a range of homeware from limited edition prints to blinds and lampshades. Our favourite is of course William the Cat, seen here as a feather-filled cushion – the perfect addition to any cat lover’s home!

We asked Chloe about her work and her love for animals: 


Your technique looks really intricate – does it take a long time to create one of your designs?

Yes is the short answer! It is a long process as its like I’m creating a very complicated jigsaw puzzle as I go along. I also can’t work on each piece constantly as I get a bit ‘blinded’ by it. I work in 3-5 hour bursts and then walk away for a bit so I can regain seeing straight!


What drew you to create artworks of animals? 

I am and have always been obsessed with animals I would only draw bunny rabbits when I first started to draw and gave them all expressions and little characters. I grew up surrounded by animals and have such respect for them; it’s become an obsession to try and do them justice in my pictures and show their personalities. 


What do you like about cats in particular?

I grew up with 4 cats who all had their own incredibly different personalities and I found it fascinating how they were all so different! My cat Fluffles ( in my defence I was 7 when I named him!) was such a ‘lad’ and a real ladies man but when I got home from school I’d call him and no matter where he was he would come running to find me and jump up into my arms, he was the best cat ever! He was also my best friend which is why I have such love for all cats!


Was William a commission or a cat you knew personally?

William is a cat I knew personally and have a deep affection for, he was a rather horty cat when you first met him and then he melted into a sweet kitten as soon as you started stroking him and tickling his chin!

I still have the original of William for sale.


What’s been your most challenging/strangest commission to date?

I did a komodo dragon as a commission for someone which I totally underestimated! It was a huge challenge but really fun to do!

Along side lots of beautiful dogs and cats and horse commissions I have done budgies and even a dinosaur! My world is ever changing!! 

To see more of Chloe’s animal originals and homeware visit her website: www.chloecroftlondon.com