leather cat mask

RMR’S handmade cat masks are made from inlayed leather, lined with suede and fastened with long leather ties. Gobbilino the Witches’ cat is our favourite - Perfect for dressing up as an evil feline this halloween! 

We caught up with Rosie Broad, the designer behind RMR to ask her about what inspired the collection. 


What drew you to making cat masks?

Cats have had a mythical significance throughout history which I found an interesting outlet for creating cat characters. There’s something very alluring about the feline form which translated well into a range of leather masks. I started making simple versions for friends as Christmas and Birthday presents and then elaborated on the design from there.


What have you turned your creative talents to recently? Are you still making things from leather?

At present I’m in the early stages of perfecting a collection of practical, leather totes in complimentary colour combinations. As well as this I’m creating various sets of ornamental pop-up cards including a festive collection of which 50p per card will go to charity. 

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