Interview: Lazy Kat, Earl Grey and Furby

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Katia Giorgino is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Paris with a passion for all things cute and feline. I first came across her heart-meltingly adorable kitties, Earl Grey and Furby on Katia's Instagram (@iamlazykat) and decided to get in touch. We chat posh cats, grumpy cats, tattoos and the Queen of England!

C&W Hey Katia, your cats are the cutest! Can you imagine your life without them? 

No I couldn’t they are always here, playing, asking to be stroked! The house would be too empty without them :(



Earl Grey

Earl Grey

C&W They look like reaL characters! Tell me a bit more about them

Furby (above top) is a Persian cat and Earl (above bottom) is an Exotic Shorthair. They both have a pedigree but only Earl is registered at the GCCF (So Earl can be a show cat but Furby can’t ahha)

Furby is so fluffy and so cute; you just want to hold her but she doesn’t like to be held; it’s always on her terms. You can pet her as much as you want when she's in the mood but she'll jump if you try to pick her up. 

My boyfriend has a trick where he puts her on his shoulder and she stays there! haha. She doesn’t like to be brushed but she lets me untangle her knots with my fingers, she purrs when I do that. 

Earl is like a doll, you can do whatever you like with him, he’s fine with it generally. So I’m always holding him in my arms, or playing with him. He likes to sleep on my belly when I watch TV, am on the computer or eating; anything when I’m sitting he comes haha !
Sometimes he walks into the room and makes this weird noise, it doesn’t sound like « meow » but « aw aw awwwwww » and it's very high pitched!

If Earl and Furby were humans which famous personalities would they be and why?

Furby would be the Queen of England! Very posh, always pretty, never dirty,  she always has a good posture and is always cute, like a queen. She watches you, like she’s judging you - thinking « Im better than you, I’m a queen » 

Earl would be Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen I guess, cool and funny and kinda looks like he's high all the time. haha :p

You have an Aristocats tattoo – was this your favourite childhood film? What made you choose Marie for your tattoo? 


Not really, I love all Disney movies ! I choose this one because it’s a cute kitty and in the movie she’s cute and a bit posh. I like it! 

What are your top 4 (cat related) fashion/beauty items?

1: Paul & Joe Sister cat lipsticks ( I have one, never used it, too pretty)

2: Charlotte Olympia’s kitty flats (or heels) (can’t afford them so I have look-a-likes ones!)

3: Cat face sneakers by Claudie Pierlot x Vivetta

4: Silk Cat Scarf by Cleo Ferin Mercury 

I could go on and on with that list ahaha I’m sure I have forgotten things!

Which famous cat/Instagram cat account do you find most entertaining and why?

Grumpy cat for sure! Her face is so funny and looks so annoyed all the time I love it. That’s a reason why I chose Earl, he looks so pissed off like her; my own grumpy cat.

Do you have a favourite pet boutique/groomers in Paris or any recommendations for pet lovers visiting Paris?

Unfortunately I don’t and I’m looking for one ! My babies have knots and they don’t want me to brush them I don’t know what to do and where to go !

Finally…what’s your favourite item in the Cheshire & Wain shop? 

The prawn cat nip is so cute ! I think the pink collar would look very pretty on Furby :D

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