Percy  getting ready to pounce,  modelling the 'Mango' collar

Percy getting ready to pounce, modelling the 'Mango' collar

Introducing the latest collection of Cheshire & Wain luxury cat collars! Designs in the new 'Cat Collective' collection are named after some of the fancy feline clientele we have got to know over the past year. Made from beautiful limited edition leathers. From luxurious embossed silver to playful camouflage you're sure to find the purrfect design for you cat's colouring and personality.


Heritage Edition

Cheshire & Wain’s more traditional range: Italian vegetable-tanned, saddle leather complete with burgundy suede lining, brass hardware and traditional grooved edge detail. Due to the high oil content of the leather, this is a great choice for a cat that is often outside getting wet in the rain during their hunting expeditions.

Special Edition

These limited edition styles are made from beautiful British and Italian leathers complete with smart, silver-coloured hardware and bell. Choose from speckled navy 'Luna' for the Nocturnal Wanderer, camouflage 'Ivor' for the Adventurer, metallic silver 'Ghost' for the Glamour Puss and stitched navy 'Finn' for the Top Cat. 


BERNIE - Bernie lives in London with Derek - his adopted feline brother and partner in crime. He loves to chase Derek around the garden and particularly enjoys tormenting creepy-crawlies and licking anything in sight.

MANGO - Mango lives in Massachusetts with feline friends, Thunderpaws China Doll, Miss Kitty, Mama Valentine and Blueberry. His name is short for Maine Gold (he thinks he's part Maine Coon since he came from out of the woods in the middle of that great state and landed in a shelter sporting a lovely marmalade coat and golden eyes). If he were a character in the Game of Thrones, he'd by Tyrion Lannister in cat form.  He's a bit vain, but very sweet.

LUNA - The gorgeous Luna is a Russian blue kitty who lives in Bristol, England. She loves fuss and attention, chasing shadows, sleeping in the sun and hiding under the wardrobes in her house.

CORNELIUS – Bengal kitty Cornelius lives in Scotland with is twin sister. He’s a big softy who loves to play and test the limits on what can be climbed. Second to climbing, Cornelius loves to sleep curled up on his sheepskin rug. 

FINNFinn is like a medieval bad boy Prince. He's a lover and a fighter, a cuddler and a hunter, with the voice of an angel and fearsome claws of a leopard. Rescued from the Arabian peninsula, this charming part Bengal part Mau spirited adventurer, is now breaking hearts in Buckinghamshire. 

All Cheshire & Wain cat collars are handmade in London

Luxury cat collars in the new Cat Collective Collection start from £45