Hendricks Gin World Cucumber Day

Last year a truly baffling cat video went viral. You may remember it. It involved cats displaying pure terror at the sight of the lowly cucumber. Like this unassuming fruit was a poisonous viper they leapt into the air with tails fluffy, ears back and eyes wide. And why did this humble gherkin cause so much grief for our feline friends? We hadn't the foggiest idea! 

It turns out that over a third of cats across the globe display an irrational fear of cucumbers.* The good folk at Hendrick's Gin have therefore stepped in to ensure purrs are restored ahead of World Cucumber Day on the 14th of June 2016. And who better to help them than former master trainer to the Queen's Corgis; world renowned animal behaviourist, Dr Roger Mugford. According to Dr Mugford, the suspicious nature of cats is what leads to the innate fear of the cucumber – the oddness and unusual persona of the green fruit makes them feel uneasy.

I'm not sure about this...

I'm not sure about this...

So what should you do if this whimsical cucumber celebration gets your kitty hot under the collar? Don't panic! Dr Mugford and Hendrick's have come up with a fool-proof cucumber exposure programme to help your feline friend cope and have even created a delightful new cocktail (for you) in honour of the big day (scroll down on for the recipe). 

Full details on the tips and techniques of the cucumber exposure programme can be found in the below video. 

In honour of World Cucumber Day, Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, Duncan McRae, has created a most unusual of cocktails – The Catnip & Cucumber Cooler. I was delighted to receive a very special, bespoke hamper in preparation for the Big Day which contained everything I needed to make Percy feel at ease whilst I prepared the most delicious gin cocktail.

Hamper Contents: 1 x cucumber, 1 x Hendrick's Gin, 1 x Fever Tree tonic, 1 x crystal glass and 3 x cat toys

What did Percy think of the humble cucumber/green nemesis? 

He certainly wasn't sure to start with but then that feline curiosity kicked in! And thanks to Hendrick's special programme he was able to gradually overcome any anxieties so that the cocktail making could begin!**

Stage one: Terrified

stage two: Unnerved 

Stage Three: Curious 

Stage four: Brave 

stage five: ATTACK!!

To celebrate in style, knowing cats worldwide are cool as a cucumber why not try the cocktail for yourself. 

Catnip & Cucumber Cooler

50ml Hendrick’s Gin

20ml Fresh lemon juice

10ml Elderflower cordial

8-12 Leaves of fresh catnip (if you don't have any, use mint instead)

20ml Cloudy apple juice

50ml Fresh cucumber juice

70ml Soda water


Combine Gin, lemon, elderflower and catnip in base of tall glass and muddle. Add ice, cucumber, apple juice and churn. Add more ice, top with soda and garnish with a cucumber wedge and fresh catnip sprig. 

World Cucumber Day takes place on the 14th of June 2016 

Please drink responsibly!

No cats or cucumbers were hurt during the making of this post

*Estimated statistic from Dr Roger Mugford based on his conversations with cat owner communities. Please note no official research has been conducted on this subject to date

**Please do not try to deliberately scare your cat with a cucumber by placing one behind them whilst they are in the vulnerable position of eating.