Our big cat poster boy - British Shorthair King Arthur from Kent, England -  

Our big cat poster boy - British Shorthair King Arthur from Kent, England - 

It's not easy to find cat collars for large cats. Standard sizing for collars doesn't cater for domestic big cats such as Maine Coons, British Shorthairs, Savannah Cats, Ragdolls and other naturally plus size felines. We'd hate for our curvaceous kitty customers to miss out on our luxury cat collars so we have extended our size range to cover Petite, Standard and now Large! 

Gone are the days of your cat having to wear (shock horror) a small dog collar that is unsafe. 

'Large' will fit a cat with a 26-30cms (approx 10-12inches) neck measurement. This is 5 cms more than Cheshire & Wain's size 'Standard' and the strap is 1mm wider for comfort. At the moment we hold stock for large breeds in the following designs: Colour-pop - Red, Navy, Blue, Orange, Green and Grey. Heritage - Mango, Bernie and Rigby. Special Edition - 'Beluga' Caviar collar. If you require size 'Large' of a collar that is not listed please get in touch and we will advise if a made-to-order collar is available in your chosen design. 

We ran a casting call for a big cat 'meowdel' to show off the new size and have selected King Arthur from Kent England as our dashing poster boy! Please continue to submit pictures of your domestic big cat showing off their Cheshire & Wain collar and they might be chosen as our next featured feline. 

Do you know a kitty that has been dying to get their paws on a safe cat collar that fits! Visit the Cheshire & Wain online shop to choose something special and surprise them this Christmas.

Does your cat have what it takes to be our next top meowdel? 

Submit pictures of your curvaceous kitty wearing their Large Cheshire & Wain Cat collar for a chance to be featured!