How to keep your cat cool in hot weather: ice lolly recipe

With the mercury hitting 34 degrees centigrade in London today the current heatwave is in full swing and it's getting our kitties a little hot under the collar!  If your cat is struggling to keep their cool during the hot weather you can lend a helping hand with homemade frozen treats and plenty of fresh, cold water. 

During the last major heatwave in London back in 2015 we developed a few recipes for a cat friendly ice lollies using various fishy ingredients. Resident Cheshire & Wain tester's (Percy) favourite was a creation we called The Salmon Flake 99 complete with juicy salmon and king prawn sticking out of the top (pictured below)

ice lolly for cats

He also liked a mixture of wet cat food, (low salt) chicken stock, grated carrot and a tiny sprinkling of catnip as well as chicken stock and tuna water ice cubes which we froze in cute paw pad shapes (pictured below)

ice lollies for cats. cat hack


Raw salmon fillet

Raw king prawns (with shells on)

Grated carrot


Your cat’s favourite dry food granules or treats


1.     Boil the prawns and salmon fillet in a little water for a few minutes until the salmon is opaque and the prawns are pink.

2.     Take the prawns and the salmon out reserving the water which is now nicely infused with the fishy goodness that will get your kitty salivating.

3.     Peel the prawns and put them in the bottom of an ice lolly mould

4.     Next put a layer of grated carrot in the mould

5.     Top with the flaked salmon and skin and a sprinkling of cat food or treats

6.     Fill with the fishy water and put on the lid on the mould

7.     Place in the freezer to set

Percy enjoying his Salmon Flake 99 ice lolly!

Percy enjoying his Salmon Flake 99 ice lolly!

Make some space in your freezer for fish popsicles, salmon flake 99s, chicken flavoured fabs and any other frozen potions you might come up with to please your kitty this Summer. Trust us…you’ll have fun with it and they’re going to love it too!

Tell us how you got on using the comments section below.

To avoid freezer burn make sure you take your frozen treats out of the freezer 15 minutes before you present them to your pet. Always check you are not feeding your cat or dog any ingredients that may be toxic or harmful. Stay away from chocolate, grapes, raisins and avocado and don’t give dairy products to cats. If using chicken or fish stock make sure it's a low salt variety.