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The choice available to us when choosing our cat’s food has become overwhelming. From the supermarket, to online pet stores to the veterinary office; food formulated for specific breeds, food for indoor cats, food to help with furballs, food using organic or inorganic ingredients, kibble or wet food, food for different stages in the cat’s life and even food formulated to reduce litter tray odour! It’s a veritable hodgepodge of choice, enough to make you so unsure that you spend the next few years buying a variety of different food, whittling it down and down, researching various ingredients until you finally find the right formulation and can relax. Your cat will turn his nose up at some, making you feel like you’re incapable of making decisions on his behalf, a cupboard slowly converting into a cat food graveyard because you can’t bring yourself to throw away that 3kg bag that cost you £21. It’s all starting to feel pretty stressful.

What would it take for you to go back to the drawing board, ignore the marketing and take cat food into your own hands? We’re not talking about cooking up a duck terrine with ripples of mousey foam presented on a silver plate (something you might find rather extravagant and appetising) but instead preparing a raw vat of ground bones, organs, egg and vitamins (something your cat might find rather extravagant and appetising) Would you take to deconstructing the mouse?


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