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The Internet has hit fever pitch with the crazy cat lady stereotype – it’s spiralling out of control; fed by cat haters, insecure bloggers, tired journalists and even cat ladies themselves - it’s impossible to browse information about cats on the internet without coming across a reference. The idea of crazy cat lady has morphed into a symbol; an identifier for a woman who does not fit into what society deems normal. A single lady, of a certain age, that lives alone with her cat/cats. And yes - I myself am 25, I don’t have a boyfriend and I love cats so much that I quit my job to set up a cat products company. I am a cat lady – but I’m not crazy.

I’m going to delve into this troupe to find out where it came from, how it’s evolved and how we can hope to quash it once and for all. It’s going to take a lot to debunk this popular culture favourite but here it goes!..

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