Round Haus

Multifunctional furniture designed for you and your cat
Designer Cat Furniture

Round Haus is a furniture family created in collaboration with East London designer-makers, Lozi Designs. Inspired by the Mid-Century Modern movement, Round Haus blends the distinctions between refined wood furniture and multifunctional design - made for curious cats and interior design-lovers.

So much modern cat furniture solves a cat's needs but isn't necessarily something you want to show off to guests! Equipped with our knowledge of what cats want (thanks to our beloved Quality Control Directors, Percy and Penelope) and Lozi Designs' incredibly sculptural furniture, we set out to create a furniture family that married form and function.

A dream partnership
About Lozi Designs
Founded in 2012 by Soroush Pourhashemi, Lozi Designs makes minimal modern furniture from plywood that fits seamlessly into the contemporary home. Every Lozi piece is made by hand in their work/shop on Hackney Road, East London. Best known for their Lozi curves and unique combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking methods, Lozi’s elegantly minimal and sustainable furniture is full of personality and made to last. .
Furniture Designed For Cats
  • A place for sleep - The protected structure helps your cat sleep peacefully
  • A place for comfort - Includes a sumptuous, faux fur bed for cosy catnaps
  • A space to relax - Soft, rounded contours create a sense of calm and tranquility
  • A space to cool - The shaded, open structure promotes air-flow and ventilation
  • A space to perch - The top surface gives your cat the perfect lookout spot


Made for Cat Parents

  • Minimalist design - Made to complement the modern home
  • Sustainable materials - Crafted using a single piece of ply
  • Strong & durable - Seamless construction, solidly made
  • Multifunctional - A variety of uses for you and your cat
  • Easy to clean - Laminate top and easily accessible open base
  • Lightweight - Made for easy movement around your home

Round Haus 01


Round Haus 02


A tranquil enclosed space for your cat to retreat to

With uses that you can enjoy too!

Made in the UK

For You & Your Cat

Lightweight Design

Natural Materials