I live in the UK, how long will it take for my order to arrive?

Provided your items are in stock we will post your order to arrive within 5 working days. Please note: ID tags will take a further 10 working days to engrave. 

If you need your order sooner please choose the express shipping option and we will rush any personalisation from 10 days to 5 days. 

How much does shipping cost?

Standard service (3-5 days) £3.99 

Express service (1-2 days) £8.99 Signature required on delivery 


UK orders with a value over £150 will be sent in the recorded post which requires a signature upon delivery

Do you ship items to Europe and the rest of the world? How long will it take?

Yes! We ship to multiple destinations. There are 4 international shipping options depending on the destination country. Please see below. 

INTERNATIONAL TRACKED AND SIGNED (7-15 days) £10.00 / $15.00 via Royal Mail

United States, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Korea (the Republic of), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican City State (Holy See)

INTERNATIONAL TRACKED (NOT SIGNED FOR) (7-12 days) £12.00 / $16.50 via Royal Mail 

United States, Australia, Canada, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Malaysia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Korea (the Republic of), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Vatican City State (Holy See)

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD (UNTRACKED) (7-15 days) £10.00 / $15.00 - For destinations where Royal Mail do not offer a trackable service. 

Peru, Philippines, Bahrain, Barbados, Brunei Darussalam, Colombia, South Africa, Taiwan

DHL INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS (FULLY TRACKED) (3-7 days) £28 per order £2.50 per item / $38.00 per order $3 per item

All destinations


All Cheshire & Wain products are sent from the United Kingdom Please be aware that international shipping may be subject to delay that is out of our control. A reference number will be sent to you once your order has been dispatched. Please allow up to 20 days for receipt of your goods. It is the responsibility of the buyer to resolve any import taxes or other charges arising from a purchase. 


What is your return policy?

All Cheshire & Wain products are carefully made in small batches to ensure strict quality control. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase please contact us ( within 14 days of receipt of your order to arrange an exchange or return.

If your item is damaged in transit or you feel it has a fault - please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of your order to arrange a return.

Please note: Items must be returned (at your own cost) unused, in a saleable condition and with the original packaging that you received them in. Please use a ‘signed for’ delivery method and obtain proof of postage. Please use a service that can be tracked if returning items from outside the UK.

 Any personalised/customised items are exempt from this returns policy* and are strictly non-returnable and non-refundable.

*e.g engraved ID tags and personalised collars and bespoke or made to order collars. 

My cat has chewed and damaged their collar. Can I return it? 

Unfortunately we are unable to replace or refund collars which have been damaged by your cat. If you have a cat that is not used to wearing collars and you are worried about how they will get on - please contact us and we will be happy to advise on how to ease your cat into wearing a collar. It is your responsibility to select the correct size. If there is too much overhang please exchange the collar for a smaller size. 


Will Cheshire & Wain collars fit my cat?

Our Luxury Cat collars come in 3 sizes: Petite (17cm-22cm) for small breeds (such as Burmese, Siamese, Abyssinian, Cornish & Devon Rex, Singapura etc.) and young or fully grown cats with slim necks.* Standard  (19cm-25cm) that will fit most cats and Large (17cm-22cm) for curvaceous kitties (such as Maine Coon, British Blue, Ragdoll, Savannah Cats etc. This size is 1mm wider in the strap. 

Please contact us if you require a custom size and we will advise on wait time and price. 

If you’re unsure on what size to choose, please use our fitting guide to double check your cat’s measurement or email us for assistance. 

If your cat's neck is under 21cms circumference and fully grown we advise you select the Petite size. 

If your cat does not fall in our sizing range (17cm-30cm) and you require a made-to-measure collar please get in touch for more information.

We also make bespoke collars if you want your cat to have a one-off piece and/or if you would like a colour which is not in the current range of luxury cat collars we make. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke, made-to-order collar for your cat and see our blog post about past commissions and information on pricing. 

How wide are Cheshire & Wain cat collars?

The leather strap on the standard and petite collars is approximately 11mm wide. The leather strap on the large size is approximately 12mm wide. 

Are Cheshire & Wain collars suitable for kittens?

It is not recommended for very young kittens to wear collars. Cats weighing less than 2.5kgs will not be heavy enough for the collar to break open under their weight if they become caught. If you want to get your kitten used to wearing a collar we suggest you purchase the Petite size and supervise your kitten whilst they are wearing their collar. We advise waiting until your cat is at least 4 months old before fitting a collar.

*Please Note: Collars are not suitable for young kittens or cats than weigh less that 2.5kgs. 


How does the breakaway buckle work? Is my cat likely to lose their collar?

We use a high quality breakaway safety catch on all our luxury cat collars. The catch is designed to withstand a medium amount of pressure and is therefore unlikely to break open unless the collar is caught and the weight of you cat is bearing down on it. Please refer to our fitting guide to make sure you fit your cat's collar properly. The collar must be a snug fit to avoid unnecessary loss. If the collar is too loose then the cat may be able to slip it over their head or remove it with their paw. 

Why are Cheshire & Wain collars unsuitable for kittens or cats that weigh less than 2.5kgs?

It is not recommended for kittens to wear collars. Cats weighing less than 2.5kgs will not be heavy enough for the collar to break open under their weight if they become caught. 

I bought my cat a collar but they have lost it. What do I do?

Sorry to hear your cat has lost their collar. Luckily - this happens rarely due to the high quality safety clips we use on all our breakaway cat collars. If you wish to replace the collar with exactly the same design please get in touch with your name and past order number(s) and we will advise on what can be done by way of a loyalty discount for a new replacement collar. If you cat has lost their collar but you do not wish to replace it, we regret we cannot offer any refunds or replacements. 

Shopping online

Why do you have two separate stores?

We want to allow international customers to choose between paying for their order in USD($) or GBP(£) Please add items from the US store if you want to pay in Dollars or the UK store if you prefer to pay in Pounds.

International customers please note: your order will still be sent from the United Kingdom. Please allow up to 20 days for receipt of your goods. It is the responsibility of the buyer to resolve any import taxes or other charges arising from a purchase. 

I don’t live in the United Kingdom or the United States. Which shop should I purchase from?

It is up to you. You can choose to pay in GBP from the UK shop or USD from the US Store.

I am having difficulty checking out. Why does my payment keep getting declined?

Problems with processing payment is usually down to your bank or credit card's security and fraud prevention measures. Please contact us if you are having issues and we will be able to tell you why the payment has been declined. You can also contact your bank to confirm that you are trying to make an online payment to a UK based online shop. Please ensure your billing address is correct and exactly as it appears on your statements. If you are still experiencing problems, please try checking out with Paypal. 

I paid using a credit card and have been charged a transaction fee by my bank. why? 

Some credit card companies and banks will charge a fee for online international payments. Please check your terms and conditions before placing an order to find out if you will be charged.  It is your responsibility to cover any fees and charges that arise from a purchase. 

Do you have any physical stockists in the UK or abroad?

The below shops hold a selection of our products. Please get in contact to check stock availability.

The Conran Shop in UK London (Marylebone, Selfridges (concession), South Kensington) COMING SOON

Fang & Fur in New Zealand COMING SOON

Tuft and Paw in California USA COMING SOON

Schnauz und Schnurr in Frankfurt, Germany

Hariet & Rosie in Nantes, France 

South Yarra Veterinary Centre in Melbourne, Australia 

Monty and Mabels’s in Wilton, United Kingdom 

If you have a pet boutique or lifestyle store in the UK or abroad and are interested in stocking Cheshire & Wain products please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

I.D. Tags

I ordered a personalised I.D. tag with my order. How long will it take to be engraved?

We send your collar and I.D tag together in one shipment. Please allow up to an additional 10 working days for us to complete your order. If you need your order quickly, please contact us before ordering.

What information can I fit on my cat’s tag?

There is room on our tags for 2 short lines of text. We recommend you put your cat's name or your postcode and a contact telephone number. The Classic I.D tag is engraved on the reverse. The gold-plated fish tag is engraved on both sides. Please remember, the more characters you specify, the smaller the font so try to keep engraving as brief as possible.

My cat's I.D. tag is scratched. can you send a new one? 

General wear and tear should be expected and we are unable to replace a tag that has been worn. However if your tag sustains very deep scratches that compromise the legibility of the engraving please get in touch and we will do what we can to help with a replacement tag. 

Please ensure the spelling and information you provide for your tag is correct before purchase. If you notice a mistake, please email us straight away.

Caring for your cat’s Cheshire & Wain collar


The shine of the brass hardware on my cat’s collar has dulled slightly. What shall I do?

Brass naturally loses its lustre over time. If you wish to polish the brass on your cat's collar please avoid using brass cleaners such as Brasso. If you still wish to use a chemical cleaner, only polish the buckle portion do not polish the loop, rivets or bells, make sure you don't get any on the leather and that you make sure no residue is left which could be harmful to your cat. Please note: the loops, rivets and bells are brass plated and so polishing them my take off the plating entirely. We recommend you use a clean cloth to buff the metal instead.  Replacement bells can be sent free of charge if it comes off the collar or gets very scratched. Please contact us to ask for a replacement. 

Do I need to treat the leather on my cat's collar?

We only use the finest British and Italian leather to make our collars. High quality leather and vegetable tanned leather has natural oils which release over time helping to keep them nicely conditioned. After a few months you may want to keep the leather a helping hand by rubbing a mild leather wax or cream on the collar and leaving it over-night to soak in. Make sure you buff any excess with a clean cloth before putting the collar back on your cat. If your cat goes outside a lot, we recommend you choose a collar from the limited edition range: these are made from waxier leathers that stand up to the elements very well however please be aware that we cannot guarantee colourfastness (more details below) 

My cat's collar has become faded and/or discoloured - why? 

Please note than colour variations or irregularities may occur due to the natural grain of the leather we use. This is normal and expected for vegetable tanned leather which actually improves and evolves with wear. The reason for this is due to the tanning process which produces the leather without the use of harsh colour-setting chemicals that could be harmful to your cat. We recommend conditioning your cat's collar every once in a while (see above) to revive its colour. Some of our limited edition collars (Beluga, Patent Red, Red & Bronze and Ghost) have a protective wax or plastic coating which prevents extensive colour changes.  

The dye from my cat's collar has transferred onto their fur - why? 

Please see above. Due to the nature of the leather we use colourfastness cannot be 100% guaranteed, The dye is not harmful and any staining will not be permanent. As the collar wears over time and the natural oils of the leather build up with the oils from your cat's fur this will produce a natural barrier and the colour transfer should cease. If colour transfer is unacceptable please choose a lighter leather and/or avoid red which is the hardest to set via the vegetable tanning process. 

We regret that you cannot return a collar which has been worn. Please be careful with spot on flea treatments which can react with the leather and create discolouration.


How eco-friendly are you?

The Colour-Pop collection is made from vegetable tanned leather, produced in Italy without the use of harsh chemicals. The leather comes from cows from Sweden, Denmark and Belgium – countries known for their high ethical farming standards where all leather is a by-product of the meat industry. The Limited Edition collars are made using British leather that has been carefully selected and processed in the UK to a luxury standard. 

Our gift boxes are made ethically within the western world from 100% recycled boxboard. They have a partly recycled black paper covering from FSC forests.

The catnip we use in our toys is Organic and certified by the Soil Association


Do you ever run promotions or have special offers on your products?

Yes we do! Please make sure you join our mailing list in order to stay informed of any promotions or offers. We also post discount codes on the Cheshire & Wain Instagram feed. Promotions have a time-frame and cannot be back dated. If you miss out on an offer please keep an eye on the Cheshire & Wain social media channels and on your email if you're a subscriber for future opportunities. 

I have brought from Cheshire & Wain before. Do you have a loyalty scheme? 

Firstly, welcome back! We are delighted that you love our products and are looking to purchase again. Please contact us with you name and past order number(s) and we will give you a special discount code to use on your next order to say thank you for your loyalty. 

I bought my cat a Cheshire & Wain collar but they lost it. What do I do?

Sorry to hear your cat has lost their collar. Luckily - this happens rarely due to the high quality safety clips we use on all our breakaway cat collars. If you wish to replace the collar with exactly the same design please get in touch with your name and past order number(s) and we will advise on what can be done by way of a loyalty discount for a new replacement collar. If you cat has lost their collar but you do not wish to replace it, we regret we cannot offer any refunds.