Christmas Gift Guides: The Catnap Connoisseur

Gift guides for cats
Our specially chosen selection of gifts for catnap connoisseurs. If your kitty makes any excuse to drift off to the land of nod to dream of treats and catnip, these are perfect gifts. Think super-soft sheepskin rugs and thermal beds to lay their head and soft leather collars to ensure comfort in dreamland. 

This handmade Cloud Catnip toy is inspired by catnip induced catnaps and is the perfect stocking filler for a snoozy cat that loves to rest and play. 


luxury thermal cat bed

For the cosiest catnaps, our Cat Cloud® Bed is made from five luxurious layers of warming fabric. Encased in sumptuous faux fur and durable canvas, reflective thermal heat technology insulates and reflects a snoozing cat’s radiant body heat for slumber-inducing comfort at naptime (which, let’s face it, is most of the time!) 


luxury cat collars

 Make sure your kitty's attire is soft and comfortable with our supple suede-lined collars from the Heritage Collection. Made from luxurious Italian leather and suede to ensure kitty's comfort and available in a range of colours.


Our luxurious short pile sheepskin rugs are the perfect soft and cosy bed for your cat to snuggle up and sleep. Simply place in your cat's favourite spot to encourage peaceful slumber. 


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