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British Design for your Feline


Welcome to Cheshire & Wain

Cheshire & Wain was founded in 2013 exclusively for cat owners fed up with poorly designed, cheaply made and sometimes even dangerous collars available for cats.

We believe that beauty shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for safety. Which is why we designed our leather collars from scratch to include a breakaway safety buckle for the welfare of your feline friend.

Since then, we have extended our range to include, organic catnip toys, hand thrown ceramics, super silky sheepskin rugs and a personalisation service on our large range of collars and I.D. tags.

 Sonja Farrell (Founder)

Sonja Farrell (Founder)

"The often-complex natures of our cats along with their endearing and individual personalities have always fascinated me. When I started Cheshire & Wain five years ago, it quickly became apparent that a lot of careful and specialised thought needed to go into designing and making products that would be beautiful and well made, but more importantly, safe and appropriate for our feline friends"

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Cat of the month: Nia

Nia is a 7 month old Savannah Cat living in sunny California. True to her breed, she's an outgoing, highly energetic girl who loves to get into anything and everything. Her daily routine consists of chasing her favourite squeaky mouse, playing tag with her humans (and winning every time), and pulling down every towel in the house. Once Nia is finished with her mischief, she loves to cuddle up and relax on the sofa.