Cat Collar Personalisation

Thinking about getting your kitty's Cheshire & Wain collar personalised? We're always looking for ways to make your collar special. The options for personalisation are endless. Many of our customers add their furry friend's nickname to the collar while others take a more practical route and have their contact number embossed onto the collar strap - especially handy for the more finicky feline that dislike having an I.D. Tag.

All of our collars are embossed using an old letterpress technique in our East London studio by our in-house team. Our personalised embossing is available in three different colours:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver 
  3. No Foil (or 'blind embossing')
These options will be available to you when adding your collar to your cart. Just be aware that there are a few restrictions! Embossing isn't available in our Caviar Collar range, it is however available in any of our smooth leather collars. While this service is complimentary for most of our collars, there is a £10 fee when personalising our Colour Pop range.

Once you've picked your embossing colour option, you'll then be asked to enter what you'd like to appear on the collar. Just remember that there's a 12 character limit including spaces. We can sometimes fit something longer but it depends on the collar size. Please get in touch with us if you require something longer on your kitty's collar and we would be happy to advise.

After your order has been processed, we'll emboss your collar by hand, using our hot foil embossing machine. Doing this in-house allows us to give your personalised cat collar that extra attention to detail that you can only get when buying from a small business. No corners are cut.

First, we have to line up the letters or numbers that you've included in the 'personalise' section of your order. We then heat them up to 120 degrees. If you've chosen either gold or silver foil as the colour for your personalisation we will place a piece of foil over the leather in the designated area. We then press the heated letters into the collar, permanently adhering the foil to the leather with heat and pressure. If you have chosen the 'no foil' option then the leather will get darker where the letters were pressed into it. This is a particularly good option if you've chosen to put your number on the collar. The foil after a long period of time may start to wear off while the 'no foil' option will stand the test of time.

Once your items have been expertly inspected by Percy and Penelope they are ready to be packed and posted to their new owner! 

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