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Meet Mr Peter Wells or Percy for short "He's the silver-spotted British Shorthair that inspired the start of Cheshire & Wain back in 2013. When I began shopping for the necessary cat product paraphernalia to welcome baby Percy into his new home, I found I was often disappointed by the quality and aesthetic of what was available. My main frustration was trying to find high quality, leather cat collars which are also safe for a cat to wear. All the leather collars that I came across had elastic instead of the vet recommended breakaway catch - I wanted to change that!"

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Meet Penelope

Because one cat is never enough! Last year we welcomed a new addition to our cat family, Miss Penelope Agatha Wells. She keeps me on my toes with her boundless energy and joyful curiosity. She joins Percy as an official Cheshire & Wain model and co-chief of product testing and approval. Cats remain a constant source of inspiration: their love, beauty, intelligence and mystic spirit knowing no bounds.

The Cheshire & Wain Cat Community 

Over the years we have got to know so many wonderful cats and cat lovers from all over the world. Our discerning kitty clientele is what keeps us striving to be one paw ahead of the curve when it comes to designing the very best products for your cat. I know you will feel the same as I do, that when it comes to our beloved pets we have a responsibility to give them love, home comforts and protection at every stage of their life. 

(Pictured - Kirk from Scotland)