Christmas Gift Guide: The Feline Fanatic

Gift ideas for the cat lover in your life! Our curated selection of thoughtful cat-themed presents are sure to delight feline fanatics this Christmas. From tree decorations and greetings cards to homeware and artwork.

Let feline fascination take pride of place in this year's festive display. Inspired by Louis Wain's wide-eyed fabulous felines, our decorative Christmas Tree Baubles are made from leather offcuts to ensure none of our precious materials go to waste. What's more, they won't smash into smithereens when your cat (inevitably) does parkour on your tree! 

 Send a fabulous feline-themed Christmas Card to the cat lovers in your life. Embellished with gold foil to add extra festive cheer. Buy individually or in a mixed pack of 8. 

Enchant a feline fan with this rich and vibrant reproduction art print by artist and our namesake Louis Wain. Featuring a wide-eyed kitty peering through a halo of flowers. 

Handmade incense sticks from Korea in beautiful feline-themed packaging. Scented with the soothing aroma of sandalwood to bring peace and tranquility to any home.


Give an extra special and heartfelt gift to a cat lover or treat yourself with a bespoke cat portrait by artist Annabel Pearl. Complete with gold or silver leaf detailing (if desired) and painted in lovely watercolour inks. 

This cheeky British Blue Print is the perfect gift for a cat lover who adores British Shorthairs. Silver Tabby and Bengal Prints also available.

This original cat painting by Annabel Pearl for Cheshire & Wain would make an extra special gift for a lover of cats and iconic design! Painted on 5mm board and ready to hang on a wall. 

If you're unsure about what to choose for a cat loving friend, a digital gift card is a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Simply email the digital gift card to the lucky recipient after purchase, print at home or write the unique gift code in a card to be redeemed at a later date.

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