Horror films to get you (and your cat) in the Halloween mood

I'm a big fan of Halloween which these days is more like International Cat Appreciation Day! So in honour of cat actors of the past few decades, this Halloween here's my top selection of horror films which feature our feline friends being (or trying to be) evil. Top marks go to the film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tomb of Ligeia for best pun littered DVD Synopsis!

Fingers and paws crossed that your kitty doesn't get any ideas from number 1. Happy Halloween! 


This early Hollywood film is a bizarre, haunting, and rather eerie film which seems surprisingly morbid and perverse for its time. Some critics consider The Black Cat to be the first American psychological horror film, with dark sexual repression, twisted relationships, and aberrant behaviour, Satanism, mass orgies, incest...the list goes on! 


Also featuring a fair dose of sexual symbolism and erotic overtones, Cat People is about a beautiful Serbian fashion designer who is haunted by the believe of an ancient curse; that whenever she becomes sexually aroused she will turn into a panther and kill. This is a stylish and mysterious thriller, beautifully shot and filled with suspense: a 40s classic! 


"Roger Corman and Vincent Price hook up for horror in Edgar Allan Poe's most terrifying tale of passion, possession and PURR-fect evil! When a dead wife sinks her claws into immortality - and comes back as a ferocious feline - she leads her husband's (Price) new bride on a deadly game of cat and mouse. And when the fur starts flying she soon learns that even in death... she can land on her feet!"


"Cats aren't always cute and cuddly" In The Uncanny cats are apparently the most fiendish, fascinating and terrifying creatures of all and, what's worse, they live in your home! Horror writer Wilbur Gray stumbles upon the terrible secret that cats are supernatural creatures and devils in disguise. In a desperate attempt to get people to believe him, Gray tells three 'blood curdling' tales of feline horror. 

CAT'S EYE (1985) 

Three horror-thriller tales by Stephen King revolve around a mysterious stray cat who comes to protect a little girl (Barrymore) from a tiny, evil troll who lives behind the skirting board in her bedroom. Proving that cats don't always have to be terrifying demons or witches in disguise in horror films. That hideous troll has to be far more terrifying than any cat! 


Another tale of horror from Stephen King, the Master of Macabre, Pet Sematary is a film about a young family that uncovers a dark secret near their new house. When the Creed's cat, (British Shorthair, Church) is accidentally killed on the road, their mysterious neighbour advises them to bury it in the ground near the old pet cemetery. The cat comes back to life, but its personality is changed for the worse and the Creed's new start is turned into a nightmare. 

STRAYS (1991)

This early 90s offering is a total CAT-astrophe (ahem!) but worth a watch for comedy value. A young family move into a new house where they are tormented by an evil gang of felines who don't want them encroaching on their territory. Here's a (cripplingly terrifying) scene of a load of cats jumping on a man.


Deliciously dark and surreal, "The Cat with Hands" is my all time favourite. This blood-curdling short film focusses on an old man recounting a folk tale about a cat that has human hands in place of his front paws! Beautifully shot and exceedingly creepy, Written, directed and animated by Robert Morgan. 

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