This Cat Flouted Lockdown To Frolic In Cherry Blossom And It's Exactly What We Need To See Right Now

It’s been a tough month for the cats of the world - faced with spending every waking (and sleeping) moment with their humans at home invading their kingdom, stealing their special spot on the sofa and making an almighty racket pouncing around to yet another exercise video - on some occasions even insisting on using them as a furry kettlebell replacement (the horror!) There’s a cat that is fourteen thousandth in the Ocado queue waiting for their food delivery of meaty mush and I’ve heard of another cat that ate an entire houseplant in protest and puked up a lovely green furball on their owner’s duvet. And then came the fake news that all the cats in the UK would be forced to stay indoors over fears they were spreading Coronavirus. Will this demonisation of cats please stop now already!

But cats are famously resourceful creatures and they won’t let a little thing like global lockdown get them…well…down. One cat named Richard who lives in South London took to the streets to shake off the cobwebs and the resulting pictures captured by his owner are a true elixir of joy and exactly what we need to see right now. So without further ado… I give you…. 

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