Witch(craft) Halloween Project - Witches' Cat Hat

This easy to make felt hat will allow your feline familiar to channel their inner witch in no time! Our purrfectly spooky Halloween craft project takes 15-30 minutes (depending on your personal speed and abilities). Keep reading for a step by step guide and instructional video! 
Don't have any black felt? No need to fret, your cat's costume can easily be made out of paper or card, and joined together with either glue or double sided tape. Or why not try our ready made Count Catula Bat Wings instead?
For the felt Witch’s Hat craft project, you will need the following:
Felt (or other material that will hold)
Fabric Scissors
Chalk or something for tracing pattern onto material
30-40cm Elastic (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Place your patterns on your chosen material, and trace around the edges, not forgetting to mark around the folded edges. 
Cut out your shapes, not forgetting to snip into the inner circle of your brim.
Roll your Cone piece so that the right straight edge is placed on top of the other side, matching up with the drawn fold line. 
Stitch along the edge to secure the cone in place. 
*If you are using paper, use glue or double sided tape to secure the cone. 
Once the cone is ready, we can attach it to the brim by folding the snipped edge inside the cone so that they become hidden once fully stitched.
Stitch along the base of the cone, making sure that you catch the folded base on the inside. 
Once your hat is one piece, stitch some elastic to opposite end of the inside of the cone. 
Make sure that the elastic isn’t too tight for your cat.
Finish your witch’s hat with a spooktacular bow to add some extra bewitching flair (and help cover up any bumpy stitching). 
Present the hat to your kitty. And voila! Your very own feline familiar will look the part this Halloween. 

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