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Luxury Cat Collars

Here at Cheshire & Wain, we have beautiful, high-end cat collars in a range of colours and styles to suit your cat's taste and personality – from house cats to outdoor adventurers. Our stylish designer range is just purrfect for spoiling your fancy feline, and making sure they stand out from the crowd....

All our luxury cat collars are made with love here in the UK. We make each collar in-house in our East London studio, under the careful eye of our experienced collarsmith. We’ve designed them from scratch to incorporate a discreet breakaway safety buckle, meaning they’re easy to fasten but will break open if dangerously snagged, ensuring your kitty  is comfortable no matter where they’re prowling.

Each design is then lovingly packed in a Cheshire & Wain gift box, bag or special edition tin, with a personalised card and message. Take a look through our exquisite collection of luxury cat collars and make your selection today.

High-end, Fancy Collars for Cats

Our main ranges are crafted with the finest Italian leather for ultimate durability, so you know that they’re made to last. We also have a vegan-friendly range of high-visibility, reflective designs for outdoor exploring kitties called Lumino Lux. This range ensures your kitty will stand out wherever they’re going, especially at night – so you can be sure you're buying a collar that protects each of your cat's nine lives!

You can also add an engraved ID tag featuring your pet’s name, along with your contact number. Ask us about our personalised designs today.

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At Cheshire & Wain, we make our luxury cat collars with the finest Italian leather, which is durable and soft on your cat’s skin, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s also important to make sure it fits well. Check our fitting guide for more information.

If your kitten is under 4 months old, it is not advisable for them to wear a collar as their neck muscles are still developing. We also recommend that cats that weigh less than 2.4kg (5.5lbs) avoid wearing a collar as the breakaway mechanism is tested for cats of this weight and heavier. 

However, once your kitten is 4 months old (and if they’re roaming outdoors), a collar is a handy way to help identify them in the event they travel a little further afield. You can attach an ID tag with your phone number, so once your kitty is found, they can be returned safely to you. It also shows others that your cat is not a stray.

If your kitty is kept indoors, having them wear a luxury collar can be a personal choice – however it’s a great way to keep them looking fancy and stylish!

As long as it fits well, there is no need to change your kitty’s collar. They may outgrow it as they get older, however once your kitty has matured, their collar is designed to last for years (provided it’s made with quality, durable materials. That’s why all our high-end cat collars are made with Italian leather).

Definitely! Our range is designed to be comfortable and fit well, so there’s no reason why your feline friend can’t sleep while it’s on.