Cat Cloud® Beds & Throws

Cat Cloud® Beds & Throws

Luxury Cat Beds

Cheshire & Wain's Cat Cloud® collection of luxury cat beds brings sublime comfort to your kitty's naps. Your friendly feline will enjoy a restful level of sleep others can only dream of!...

Our range of super-soft cat throw blankets and thermal cat beds are made from luxurious faux fur in a choice of four colours and two textures, which will lull your kitty into peaceful slumber in no time. Choose from Nimbus Grey, Cirrus Pink, Saffron Yellow and Shearling Cream, and your beloved feline will be whiskered away for a blissful night’s sleep.

This isn’t just for your kitty's benefit, though – place your cat's bed or blanket in their favourite snoozing spot to protect your home and furniture from their fur and claws. You see, every cloud does have a silver lining! You’ll thank us later when you save time having to vacuum.

These fancy cat beds are made with five sumptuous layers of warming fabric, using reflective thermal heat technology to insulate and keep your kitty cosy warm by reflecting their body heat. Clever, huh? 

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Why does my cat sleep so much?

We know cats love to sleep, but why is catnapping so high on our kitty's agenda?

We answer some of the most common questions about our cats and their sleeping habits and how their behaviours might affect our own sleep (or lack thereof!) and what you can do about it.


Cats love to have plenty of cosy little nooks they can hide and sleep in. Our range of luxury cat beds and Cat Clouds are purrfect for this – as is our Round Haus collection, a multifunctional furniture system with a hidey-hole to curl up in, and a tower to climb above! 

While our feline friends are renowned for curling up for naps wherever they please (sometimes in the oddest of places!), it’s important for them to have a special place to sleep that they know is exclusively theirs. Having a cat bed of their own also means your fancy feline is less likely to leave fur and claw marks around the house – which means less vacuuming and cleaning up!

When choosing a bed for your beloved companion, there are a few things to take into account:

Material: What is it made out of? Is the bed cosy, comfortable, and made with soft material?

Durability: Is it a well-made material that’s going to last? Remember that, when they’re relaxed and happy, your feline is likely to start padding the material with their claws. Your cat’s bed needs to stand up to the test.

Comfort: Is this somewhere your kitty’s going to want to curl up and spend a lot of time in? How easy (or appealing) is it for them to access? As we know, cats are often temperamental creatures – and if it’s all too hard they’re not going to bother!

Easy to Care for: How easy is the bed to wash? It’s going to get covered in hair a lot, so you want it to be easy to maintain and clean.

The best kind of throw blanket for cats is something soft and cosy that your kitty can easily curl up in. At Cheshire & Wain, we have a beautiful selection of cat throw blankets to choose from – from our thermal Cat Clouds to luxurious sheepskin rugs.

Your tiny kitty is only very small, so ideally you want to pick something that’s not too big or they might get lost in (no matter how adorable it is to wrap your kitten up in a blanket and watch them try to escape!) As they grow and mature, they can always progress into a larger cat bed – but for now, something smaller is the way to go.