Move over Barkitecture

It's all about 'Purrniture Design'

Percy on why we all need Round Haus in our lives

Chief Mouser at Cheshire & Wain HQ, Percy, tells us about the new wave of pet furniture

Hola, bonjour, meow. 

To all my noble readers and feline fellows that have supported me thus far in my bid for leader of the Paw Party 2022, thank you.

I would like to address a trend that is sweeping the nation, grabbing the homo sapiens by their genetically modified tails. Barkitecture, so it’s called. Their paws have been all over the App Pinterest, which has collected data that luxury dog rooms have increased by 115%.

 As I was scrolling on my darling owner’s phone while they were prepping some caviar catnip for brunch with Penelope, I also read that the two legged ones are catifying their homes four times as much this year alone! Whisker my timbers!

If I am to have my space catified, I must have it at no cost to taste, class and style. If I am to be given furniture to celebrate my species, it must be beautifully crafted, and provide serenity and security.

Round Haus, I meow to thee, is the only piece of Purrniture Design on the market that I would recommend. It offers mid century modernist notes, a cubby hole beneath for delectable catnaps and it doubles up as a table for our primitive owners.

We really have not changed all too much since our days in the wild and one of our main places of sanctuary is in a small, secure space where we can relax and unwind.

A space that makes me feel like I could be Hemmingway by the sea, or nodding off in a mid century library, smelling of oak and sandalwood. Round Haus is just this and more. Finally, our needs for taste and hide-out viability have been met!

Meow with me!

Even more to purr about, this piece of Purrniture Design is a collaboration between my constituency of Cheshire & Wain and local furniture maker, Lozi Designs, in Hackney, London. 

The best people for the job, I expect.

I sat purrfectly still on Lozi’s windowsill for the whole day, accessing their digital manufacturing with traditional woodworking methods and it was truly a sight to behold. Perhaps humans are clever after all!

My Round Haus has improved my quality of life, which is already sky high I may add. I am a better rested, more curious member of the paw party. The age of Barkitecture has barely begun, but it is Purrniture Design we must look to now.

Best whiskers and nose boops galore,



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