Cat Collar Personalisation

Apr 07, 2024

Cat Collar Personalisation

Are you thinking about getting your kitty's Cheshire & Wain collar personalised? We're always looking for ways to make your cat's collar extra special. The options for personalisation are endless. Many of our customers add their furry friend's nickname to the collar, whilst others take a more practical route and have their contact telephone number embossed onto the collar strap. Opting to put your phone number on the strap is convenient for a finicky feline that dislikes having an ID tag hanging from their collar.

All of our cat collars are embossed using an old letterpress technique at our Dorset studio. Our personalised embossing is available in three different finishes:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver 
  3. No Foil (or 'blind embossed')

This service is optional on any of our smooth leather collars (and costs £10 per collar), and you can specify the personalisation and text colour when you add your cat's collar to your cart. Please be aware that strap personalisation is not available on the Caviar and some special edition collar collections due to the type of leather used. 

There is a twelve character limit, including spaces for personalisation. We can sometimes fit more than twelve characters, but it depends on the collar size and the exact personalisation you require. Please get in touch with us if you would like something longer on your kitty's collar, and we would be happy to advise.

After placing your order, we'll emboss your cat's collar by hand, using our hot foil embossing machine. It usually takes up to 10 days for us to make your cat's collar. However, if you need the collar sooner, please choose an express personalisation or express shipping option at checkout and we will rush processing to 5 days.

The embossing is done using brass letters or numbers, which we line up in the press and heat to 120 degrees. This means that we cannot include special characters, emojis or a non-English alphabet. If you've chosen personalisation in gold or silver, we then place a piece of metallic foil on top of the leather in the designated area. Next, the heated characters are stamped into the collar, adhering the foil to the leather with heat and pressure. If you have chosen the 'no foil' option, then the leather will be darker where the text or numbers are placed. This is an excellent option if you've decided to put your contact phone number on the collar since blind embossing is pressed more deeply into the strap, and foil can sometimes wear off over time. 

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