Welcome to Round Haus | Multifunctional furniture for you & your cat

May 29, 2022

Welcome to Round Haus | Multifunctional furniture for you & your cat


We're incredibly excited to show you our first foray into the world of furniture with Round Haus.
In essence, it's a multifunctional furniture family designed for both you and your cat to enjoy with flexible uses throughout the home. 

The Collaboration

For the project, we teamed up with superstar furniture designer-makers Lozi Designs and its founder Soroush Pourhashemi with the question: what if we could make furniture that blended the boundaries between felines, their pawrents and the modern home.

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About Lozi

Founded in 2012 by Soroush Pourhashemi, Lozi Designs makes minimal modern furniture from plywood. Every Lozi piece is made by hand in their work/shop on Hackney Road, East London. Best known for their Lozi curves and unique combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking methods, Lozi’s elegantly minimal and sustainable furniture is full of personality and made to last. 

The Design Story

One of our primary design challenges was creating cat furniture that appealed to design lovers (Elle Decoration readers - we're looking at you!). So much modern cat furniture solves a cat's needs but isn't particularly something you want to show off to guests! Equipped with our knowledge of what cats want (thanks to our beloved Quality Control Directors, Percy and Penelope) and Lozi Designs' incredibly sculptural furniture, we set out to create a furniture family that married form and function.

"We are all cat lovers at Lozi, so this project was an exciting challenge for us. Our goal was to create a design that solved a need and a purpose,"

Soroush Pourhashemi, Founder of Lozi Designs.

Humans might be easier to cater for when designing products since we can articulate what we need. But what do cats want in furniture? If your home is anything like mine - you've probably found your kitty tucked up in boxes or snoozing beneath the sofa. And those occasional times they're not napping, they're surveying their miniature worlds from the top of bookcases like tigers in trees. So it was these activities we aimed to incorporate into the furniture's function.

From Bauhaus to Round Haus

After three years of tailoring and reshaping the design, we're delighted to unveil the Round Haus collection. The aesthetic was inspired by the Mid-Century Modern movement, characterised by clean, simple lines and contours and furniture which blends beautifully with a range of interiors. 

Eco-friendly Furniture

Sustainability was another fundamental design principle. Lozi Designs' approach of using ethically-sourced birch plywood helped ensure the furniture's manufacture doesn't harm the environment. What's more, to ensure minimal waste, the final offcut created in the manufacture of Round Haus 02 has been made into a small circular tray with an engraved cat design on the reverse. This little plaque can be used as a tray or hung on the wall to confirm a cat’s place of residence. 


What is Round Haus?

The final collection is available in two intelligent forms:

Round Haus 01 provides cats with a hideaway cat house, a cosy enclosed bed and a perch. Their human owners receive a step, seat, side table and footstool.


Round Haus 02 takes this design to the next level, with the inclusion of a raised observation tower for playful cats and an elegant side table, storage, and plant stand for you.

Round Haus 02 can also be placed upside down to create an elevated bed for your cat to enjoy. How you choose to use your Round Haus is up to you! It's flexible and lightweight design means you can switch it up to keep your cat happy and interested or try out different functions yourself throughout your home.

Questions you might ask about Round Haus

I have a curvaceous kitty. Will Round Haus accommodate them?

Absolutely. Round Haus is suitable for all cats, from kittens to extra large cats (just like our well-rounded 8kg housecat, Percy). 

Will my cat actually use it?

This age-old question when buying cat furniture and beds is a great one. The short answer is yes. We know cats can be fussy creatures, so we've incorporated a range of circular shapes in Round Haus's aesthetic. Why? Cats are drawn to them! Don't believe us? Place an outline of a circle on the floor and watch your curious kitty sit inside. Some theorists believe this gives them a sense of security and comfort.

What is Round Haus made from?

Round Haus is made from ethically-sourced birch plywood. 02 has the addition of solid ash dowels. What's more - it's crafted from a single piece with all the offcuts being used for elements of the construction (as well as a lovely wooden tray or display plaque which you can hang on the wall to confirm your cat's domain).  

Is Round Haus heavy?

By its very nature, birch is a durable, hard but relatively light wood. Round Haus 01 weighs only 2.8kg and 02 weighs 4.4kg. The beautiful timber frame with open base is easy to move around your home, so you can find the perfect spot for you and your feline friend

Is Round Haus easy to clean?

With a light, accessible base both Round Haus 01 and 02 are very easy to clean. The birch is treated with two coats of oil so all it requires is dusting with a dry cloth. The laminate top surfaces can be sprayed with a mild cleaning spray and wiped dry with a microfibre cloth.

How is Round Haus delivered?

Round Haus is 01 is delivered fully assembled. 02 is partially assembled with the upper level nested into the base. All you have to do to assemble 02, is fasten four screws with an alan key (supplied) To make delivery simple and sustainable, Round Haus is delivered in the smallest box possible.

I'm not in the UK, but I need Round Haus in my life. What do I do?

We're excited you're excited. If you'd like to order a Round Haus, please register your interest by filling out the form at the bottom of this page and we will notify you when these products can be shipped to your country.  

Round Haus is available now. Each piece is made to order at Lozi's Workshop with a four week lead time.


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