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It's Time to Play!

Why is play important for your cat's wellbeing?
Cats are naturally clever and curious creatures. Taking the time to play with our feline friends is fundamental not just for their physical development but also for their mental stimulation and enjoyment.

Play helps keep your cat's joints and muscles healthy and helps them to maintain an ideal weight, which is particularly important for cats who prefer to spend their time indoors. Playtime is an essential ingredient for a cat's happiness and the perfect way to strengthen your bond with them.
nepeta cataria
Why Catnip?
  • Catnip contains a compound called nepetalactone, which is a stimulant that can attract your cat and encourage playful behaviour.
  • Most kitties are highly responsive to catnip. They may show their appreciation and excitement by rolling around, jumping, purring, and general playfulness.
  • Catnip stimulates your cat's natural instinct to hunt and stalk which may contribute to their happiness and daily fulfilment (especially if they are an indoor cat)
  • Sensitivity to this herb is inherited - approximately 70% of cats will respond to catnip.
  • Because a kitten's sense of smell is still developing, don't give up if they seem disinterested, try again in a few months!
Valeriana officinalis
Why Valerian?
  • Valerian contains several compounds, including valerenic acid, which can calm and relax your kitty after an initial burst of playful excitement. 
  • Valerian can reduce anxiety, nervousness, and hyperactivity.
  • The effects tend to last longer than catnip, often for several hours.
  • Some lazier cats will prefer valerian to catnip when given the choice.
  • Still unsure if your cat will like this herbal high? Why not test their response with a Cheshire & Wain Valerian Toy. 
What about Cat Teaser Toys?
Teaser toys are a great way to bond with your cat with interactive play that taps into their predatory instinct to hunt prey.

These types of toys must be very well made to stop your ferocious house tiger from ripping them to pieces! That's why we use durable leather offcuts to make our range of interactive toys.

Available in a range of exciting colours and shapes to delight kittens, adult cats and even senior kitties!